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When it comes to aerial photography, having the best equipment is what matters. The Autel Evo II and Evo II Pro are our primary drones and they allow us to. Some features shared by each:

  • Advanced obstacle avoidance. 12 cameras (2 on every side) and 2 sonar sensors (on the bottom) allow for the most advanced obstacle avoidance available. This keeps the drone from crashing into trees, buildings, or even people.

  • Speeds up to 45 mph.

  • Starlight. Starlight is a stabilization feature that automatically kicks in when GPS is not available, such as inside buildings, under dense foliage, or on very cloudy days. Starlight uses the 12 obstacle avoidance cameras to hold a constant position in space, allowing for incredibly accurate, stabilized flight, even without GPS.

  • Intelligent flight modes: smart tracking, parallel tracking, orbit, smart orbit, tripod tracking, etc all ensure that the subject remains the focal point while shooting.

The Evo II Pro features (primary drone):

  • 6k UHD video

  • 20 megapixel still photos

  • 1 inch imaging sensor

  • Fully adjustable aperture: f/2.8 - f/11 (excellent for low-light shooting).

The Evo II features (backup drone):

  • 8k UHD video

  • 48 megapixel still photos

  • 1/2 inch imaging sensor

Both drones use the same batteries and we currently have 5 batteries. Each battery last about 30 minutes, which means a total of 2 and a half hours in the air. We also have the ability to recharge batteries in the field, making our flight time nearly endless. 

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