Frequently asked questions

Why Texoma Drone Solutions LLC?

We want you to stand out and to offer something unique. If you're listing a home for sale, we want help you make your ad stand out from the rest. A great way to show off large properties is with aerial photos and video. If you have a special event coming, why settle for the same old standard photos? A birds-eye-view will give you a whole new perspective and allow you to see things that would be missed in ground based photos and video.

Why should I hire Texoma Drone Solutions LLC when my friend has a drone and will take pictures for free?

Odds are your friend isn't a licensed drone pilot. The FAA has been cracking down on un-licensed drone pilots and that comes with hefty fines for anyone who hires an un-licensed drone pilot as well as for the pilot of the drone themselves. Anyone who hires an un-licensed drone pilot can be fined up to $11,000 while the pilot can be fined up to $1,100. If you use your own drone to take photos of a property you are selling, and you're not FAA licensed, you are liable for both fines. This fine is per violation. So if you have 3 listings with aerial photos not shot by a licensed drone pilot, you could face fines up to $36,300!

Why should I hire Texoma Drone Solutions LLC vs other companies?

Texoma Drone Solutions LLC is licensed, insured, and willing to travel to all parts of Texoma and can do so on relatively short notice. We also provide editiing of all of our products and can use our expertise to help tell your story in a unique way.

Can a realtor get into trouble for hiring a non-licensed drone photographer?

The short answer: YES! Federal law prohibits anyone from flying drones unless they hold a valid FAA remote pilot license. If your photographer is providing "aerial" photos using a drone, make sure they are licensed. If you'd like to check the status of their license, you can click the link below. Enter their name and the state they reside. If the pilot has a valid license, you will see a document indicating they have a valid/current FAA UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) license. If your photographer's name doesn't show up in the database, you may want to question them about their UAS license.

Can Texoma Drone Solutions LLC fly at night?

Unfortunately, due to FAA regulations, all professional drone pilots are forbidden from flying 30 minutes after sunset. We have applied for a waiver to this rule, but unfortunately the process can take several months. We will update the website if our waiver request is approved.