Basic Real Estate

Our basic real estate package is designed for properties up to 5 acres in size. This package includes an average of 20-30 basic photos of the home and/or property as well as additional photos of all extra features (such as a pool/hot tub, shop/barn, pond/stock tank, etc.). All photos are shot from varying angles and altitudes, up to the FAA limit of 400 feet. 

This package also includes a 4k video that is roughly two minutes in duration and will include shots at various altitudes as well "eye level" video from around the property. Videos are shot in 4k at 25 frames per second to give a more cinematic feel. 

Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

Basic Engagement

Outdoor engagement photos give drone pilot maximum freedom to be creative. Our basic package includes an average of 20-30 still photos as well as a professionally edited 2 minute video shot in 4k. 

Open fields, old bridges, abandoned buildings, etc., all make for amazing cinematic backdrops to celebrate your engagement.

We are constantly expanding our list of locations for engagement photo shoots.

Country Walk

Basic Wedding

Our basic wedding package will be largely dependent on the venue. Factors that come into play in a wedding shoot include structures, trees, guests, etc. Due to current FAA regulations, professional drone pilots are forbidden from flying a drone over people without a waiver. We have applied for this waiver, but it can take several months to be approved. Drones are also somewhat noisy, so we try to stay at an altitude/distance that will not interfere with your ceremony or bother your guests. 

Taking all of those things into consideration, we generally try to get 20-30 still photos and enough video footage to make a two minute video after editing is complete. 

Ideally we would like to meet with the happy couple at least a month before the big day. This is to address any requests by the couple for specific shots as well as any concerns the pilot may have about the location. When you contact us, we will need the name, address, and contact information for your venue so that our pilot may scout the location and verify that drone photography is feasible at the location.

Wedding Table

Other packages

Texoma Drone Solutions LLC is proud to offer our services to any aerial photography project you may have. Unfortunately there are just too many possibilities to list here. 

Whether you need pictures of a wheat field, video of a construction site, or you just want some awesome footage of you riding your dirt bike, we can help. 

Get in touch with us today and let us come up with an aerial solution that is customized to fit your needs. 

Agriculture Drone